Product FAQs


Remote does not work

- Check the ON/OFF switch on the main unit is in the ON position. - Change batteries (See Assembly Instructions). - Be sure to point remote at the main unit. - Be sure there are no obstructions between remote and unit.

Not enough heat

- Increase thermostat setting to highest setting. - This is a 1500 watt heater and is intended for supplementary heat only.

Heater will not turn off

Refer to operating instructions.

Heater cycles on and off frequently

- The thermostat automatically turns the heater on and off to maintain selected comfort level. - To make this occur less frequently adjust the thermostat setting up or down.

Flame not bright enough

- Regulate flame brightness using the flame intensity button. - Check bulb is working and replace if necessary.

Unit making crackling/popping sound

- This is normal; when the unit is first used or has not been used for a while this sound is caused by dust buildup burning away. - Please refer to Cleaning and Maintenance section for prevention.

Heater blows cool air

- This is normal when the unit is on the fan only setting. - Press the mode control until you select the LOW (1) or HIGH (2) heat setting.

Simulated fire will not illuminate

- Check power. - Press the flame intensity button. - Check bulb and replace if necessary.