Product FAQs

Care & Usage

To activate the nightlight press the light bulb icon. The nightlight will only activate when the room is dark and the nightlight has been turned on.
Always turn the unit off and unplug before cleaning. Clean the tank by adding one teaspoon of chlorine to 1 gallon of water. Let soak for 20 minutes, making sure all surfaces are wet. Rinse the tank thoroughly until bleach has been removed and replace with fresh water.
We recommend cleaning humidifiers weekly, more often if it uses hard water. Recommended cleaning products are undiluted vinegar or a mild household cleanser. Vinegar is the weakest and cleanser is the strongest.
Some models come equipped with humidistat and speed settings that can be operated by pressing the Mode button. To set the humidistat, press Mode until the display says Auto. Then choose your speed setting and then set your desired humidity level. The humidity setting can be increased or decreased by pressing the + or - buttons.
Always turn the unit off and unplug before cleaning. Remove the water tank and wick filter, then empty any excess water from the tank and base.