Product FAQs


  1. Turn the Thermostat Control clockwise to the highest position to start heater. Allow heater to operate and warm up the room.
  2. When the desired temperature/comfort level is reached, lower the temperature setting by turning the Thermostat Control counter-clockwise until the heater stops operating.
  3. This will now be the unit's pre-set temperature level and the thermostat will now automatically maintain that temperature range by turning the heater ON and/or OFF accordingly.
A thermostat is a control that is used to maintain a temperature range in the general area where the heater is located. Most analogue thermostats have an estimated range of 37º to 140º F. By adjusting the temperature knob you can set the heater to turn on and turn off automatically as required to maintain the set temperature range.
To preset a specific comfort level between 65F and 85F, adjust the thermostats temperature setting to your desired temperature reading. The Display will show the selected temperature reading. When the preset temperature is reached, the heater will shut off. When the room temperature drops below the preset temperature, the heater will automatically turn on again to maintain the preset temperature level.