Product FAQs

Care & Usage

Always turn the unit off and unplug before cleaning. Once unplugged, use a soft, damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner (optional) to wipe the grill area and outside of the unit clean.
To check if the nightlight is on, cover the sensor with your finger and/or make sure the room is dark. Push the light bulb icon to turn the nightlight on or off. The sensor may be blocked, make sure there is nothing resting on the control panel that may be covering the sensor. The sensor may be dusty or dirty, simply wipe the sensor clean with a soft cloth.
Most of our models include a filter indicator to take the guesswork out of filter replacement. Please see the owner’s manual for specific operation of this feature.
Check to make sure nothing is blocking the air inlet. If there is nothing obstructing the inlet and there is decreased air flow, the HEPA or carbon filters may need to be changed. Check filter condition and replace if necessary.
Remove all filters before storage, as carbon filters will continue to absorb odors though the unit is not in operation. Then store in a cool, dry location.
Check to make sure the unit is plugged in and the electrical outlet (or circuit breaker) is working properly. Make sure the unit is turned on by pressing an operating speed button. If the door is ajar the unit will not operate. Make sure the filters are properly installed and firmly close the door.