Product FAQs


Dehumidifier shuts off automatically.

Probable Cause: - Reservoir is full. - The compressor starts to malfunction during the operation. Solution: - Follow Water Full Protection & Auto-Shutoff instructions in this manual. - Wait for 3 minutes and then restart the unit again. If you wish to restart the unit without waiting for 3 minutes, unplug it from the electrical outlet and plug it again.

EO Code on Display.

Probable Cause: - The sensor malfunctions. Solution: - Restart the unit after troubleshooting.

Warm air coming from outlet grill.

Probable Cause: - Heat exchange while the compressor is on. Solution: - This is normal operation.

Signal with 3 long beep sounds followed by 2 short ones, and then the dehumidifier automatically shuts off.

Probable Cause: - The unit's sensor detects the room temperature is below 0 C or above 40 C. Solution: - Wait until room temperature is within safe operating temperature (0-40 C). - Relocate your dehumidifier to another room and operate normally. To restart the unit it will be necessary to unplug it from the electrical outlet and plug it back in.

Appliance cycles on/off.

Probable Cause: - This is normal operation when using the automatic dehumidification setting. The humidistat within the appliance adjusts to maintain your desired comfort level. To run continuously, select the continuous mode (see operating instructions). Solution: - This is normal operation.