Customize your comfort

With the Total Home EQ™ System from the Bionaire® brand, you can enjoy the perfect home environment using products that work in harmony to create pure, clean living. The Total Home EQ™ System creates the ideal blend of Temperature, Air Purity, Air Movement & Humidity Levels to maintain the ideal air quality and comfort for your home. Learn More
  • Air Purifiers Humidifiers Furnace Filters Dehumidifiers

    Comfort from air quality

    Achieve optimal air quality and comfort in your home by transforming your surroundings with cleaner, more pleasant air. Learn More
  • Heaters Humidifiers Fans Air Purifiers

    Comfort from temperature

    Maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature while promoting a healthier environment and reducing the risk of unwanted conditions in your home. Learn More
  • Fans Furnace Filters Air Purifiers

    Customize your comfort

    Alleviate the discomfort of moisture and temperature imbalances in your home with optimal air movement for fresher, more vibrant air. Learn More
  • Humidifiers Dehumidifiers

    Customize your humidity

    Control the humidity level in your home to eradicate dry air and excessive moisture, which compromises comfort and the quality of your indoor air environment. Learn More