Bionaire® Enhanced Odour Carbon Filter


Bionaire A1260C-CN9
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A pure solution to enhance your home environment, personal comfort and well-being. The Bionaire® Enhanced Odour Carbon Filter helps transform impure, polluted air from air passing through the filter leaving a balance of clean inhalation and gentle renewal.
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To keep indoor air as pure and clean as possible, it is recommended to replace air purifier filters regularly. This carbon filter helps eliminate odours for maximum comfort and freshness. Uses charcoal treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny microscopic pores between carbon atoms. Effective in removing odours and pollutants from air passing through the filter. You can experience fresher, healthier, more comfortable surroundings. With Bionaire® brand technology, you can live in harmony with nature for a serene home environment.
  • Qty 4
  • Fits Bionaire® models BAP615, BAP625, BAP650, BAP725, BAP925, BAP1175, BAP1225, BAP1250, BAP1300, BAP9756-CN
  • Fits Holmes® models HAP615, HAP616, HAP625, HAP633, HAP650, HAP725, HAP726, HAP750, HAP756, HAP8615, HAP8650, HAP8756, HAP9726
  • Single filter dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches