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A pure solution to enhance your home environment, personal comfort and well-being. The Bionaire® Cool Mist Tower Humidifier transforms dry, damaging air with a balance of cleaner moisture and gentle restoration.


Proper humidity level during dry winter months keeps indoor air pleasant and comfortable. The Bionaire® Cool Mist Tower Humidifier is designed with a multifunctional display to automatically monitor and maintain your ideal humidity level. Triple layer filter enhanced with Arm & Hammer™*1 Baking Soda, antimicrobial treatment*4 and carbon X helps eliminate impurities and reduces odour for fresher air. In addition, the humidifier is treated with antimicrobial properties*4 to help protect against bacterial growth and eliminate odours. Recommended for medium-sized rooms.
  • Space saving tower design
  • 36 hour run time
  • 1.2 gallon tank capacity
  • LED display screen
  • Digital humidistat
  • Programmable timer
  • Easy to fill and carry tank
  • Antimicrobial treated*4
  • Filter A: BWF100-CN1 (Uses 2 filters)

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