Bionaire® 42 Pint(20L) Pure Quiet™ Dehumidifier


Bionaire BD2620-CN
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A new, powerful and versatile design that includes all the benefits of your premium dehumidifier.
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Additional Information

The Bionaire® PureQuiet™ Dehumidifier removes moisture and odour from medium to large rooms, leaving them comfortable and fresh. Pure Quiet™ technology makes this ideal for bedroom and living room use without any distractions. A pre-filter removes dust and eliminates larger floating pollutant particles.


  • Optional permanent drainage directly connected from water reservoir
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Auto defrost
  • Working range: 3° to 35°
  • 16L/day
  • 345 Watts
  • Water tank capacity: 3.8L
  • Less than 46 dB