Bionaire® Thin Digital Window Fan


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A pure solution to enhance your home environment, the Bionaire® Digital Thin Window Fan transforms warm, static air with a balance of cooling relief and gentle exhilaration.
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Promote fresher, more comfortable airflow in your home with this manual window fan. Enjoy breaths of stimulating, rejuvenating, cooler air in your indoor environment. Reversing blade operation draws in an circulates cooler air and pushes warm air out. More powerful with 40% greater air velocity compared to similar window fans and 25% more compact to reduce window obstruction.
  • Reversible Blade
  • LED Electronic thermostat
  • Designed for use either horizontally or vertically
  • Fit in window with window screen in place
  • 40% Greater Performance for more powerful airflow
  • 25% More Window Opening
  • Less Noise than traditional window fans