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BAP9900UV Germicidal 99% HEPA Air Purifier with Photocatalytic filter

Model: BAP9900UV
  • Germicidal UV light - hepls reduce certain airborne germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria passing through the filter*
  • Photocatalytic filter: Helps neutralize odors and harmful fumes, such as toxic paint, carpet fumes and household chemicals
  • Air quality sensor – detects particles in the air and automatically adjust cleaning speeds for optimum filtration
  • Long lasting HEPA-Type filter never needs replacing** and removes up to 99% of airborne pollutants as small as 2 microns, such as dust, pet dander and pollen from air passing through the filter
  • HEPA-type filtration – Removes up to 99% of airborne allergens and contaminants such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mould spores and pet dander from air passing through the filter
  • LCD screen display
  • Remote control
  • Digital control
  • Filter service check - reminds you when it’s time to clean the filter
  • Ionizer - boosts particle filtration
  • 4 speed
  • Timer
  • Recommended for medium-sized rooms
  • CADR: Smoke 101, dust 112, pollen 117
  • * Laboratory tested. Following results are based on the test of the reduction of below micro-organisms that are in the air after 2 hours of continuous operation at the highest speed setting with the UV light activated: Bacteria: Escherichia coli – 95%; Viruses: MS2 – 91.5%; Mould Spores: Penicillium citrinum – 84%; Fungi: Aspergillus niger – 80.3%
  • ** with ordinary care
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